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MLS planning video replay trials, ESPN reports

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Video replay may be coming to MLS sooner rather than later, with the league planning to launch a trial period with video referees integrated into exhibitions.

According to a report today from ESPN, MLS will circumvent the blocks FIFA has placed on trials by using the technology in friendlies, so don't expect it to be something that affects Real Salt Lake even in the near-term future.

Opinions about video replay in soccer have been sharply divided about its potential efficacy, with much of the debate circling over the stoppage in play added by refereeing intervention.

But MLS is looking to avoid too much of that controversy by apparently limiting the use of instant replay to penalty kicks, red cards, and goals.

Of course, the nature of the sport means that those rulings are rarely clear-cut, and it's inevitable that some (or potentially many, or even most) will disagree with overruled calls. But it seems a necessary step for MLS at this point with the league continuing to be plagued by demonstrably incorrect refereeing decisions on a consistent basis.