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Real Salt Lake will finish ahead of Colorado for an 8th year

Real Salt Lake's unbroken streak of finishing ahead of Colorado Rapids won't be changing this year.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The season's not over, and there's still very little reason to celebrate (yet! we're still holding out hope), but one great thing happened on Saturday that we'd be remiss to not mention.

Colorado Rapids lost to Montreal Impact.

Real Salt Lake's playoff run (seven straight years) might be teetering on the brink, but their streak of finishing the season ahead of Colorado Rapids is continuing apace.

For eight consecutive years, including 2015, Real Salt Lake has finished ahead of Colorado Rapids in the regular season.

Let's recap, year-by-year. This is a real occasion for celebration.


This was the first year we celebrated this day, but it took two losses from Colorado in their last five matches — and a draw against us on the last day — for it to come to fruition. We just sort of squeaked in, and things haven't really been the same since.


Okay, so we finished level on points, but we did actually finish ahead of them in the standings, so we're counting it. It took end-of-the-line heroics to get there, and that 3-0 win over the Rapids on the last day of the season ranks up there in a list of best Real Salt Lake moments.


This is still probably our best regular season, even if the finish stunk a bit — we had an opportunity to claim our first-ever Supporters Shield, but two draws in our last five sealed our fate. Of course, we also only lost once in the last half of the season, so it wasn't all bad. Colorado finished a stark 10 points behind us.

Now, let's not talk about the Rapids' 2010 MLS Cup win. You wouldn't want to spoil the fun, would you?


We limped into the playoffs, but we still managed to finish ahead of Colorado once again. Our last six games saw four losses and two draws — so maybe limping isn't the right term. Drug our bloody corpses in, maybe? Even that wasn't enough for Colorado to rescue their record.


Our 2012 finish was actually quite good — the same three-from-five as in 2010, and we finished a shocking 20 points ahead of Colorado. They weren't even the worst team in the league or the conference, though. What a year.


A nearly very fantastic year, but this one was only sort of fantastic. Oh well. We finished six points ahead of Colorado Rapids and only three points off of a Supporters Shield. And a couple penalties off of a second MLS Cup.


Things finally got back to normal in 2014, with RSL finishing 24 points ahead of the Rapids. Oh, and we beat Colorado 5-1, so yeah. That's awesome.


While this run is correlated heavily with making the playoffs, 2015 might be the exception. Let's not stress about that now. We finished ahead of Colorado Rapids, and I'm very pleased about that.