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Player Ratings: RSL 0-1 Portland

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 7 - Were it not for Rimando, Portland very well could have had three or four goals in this one. He had a good game and it's too bad he couldn't come up with a timely PK save.

Jordan Allen 5.5 - Allen didn't have a bad game, it was just a bit of a quiet game for him. He did try to inject some life into the attack by taking on players, but it wasn't too successful.

Jamison Olave 3.5- Olave was doing alright until the pivotal moment in the game in which he fouled Lucas Melano from behind which resulted in a red card and a penalty. Was the foul necessary? Probably. But the truth is that Olave got beat and put himself in that position.

Aaron Maund 6 - Maund was the best defender on the field for RSL even though it wasn't his best game. Too many chances were allowed in the area for the Timbers.

Tony Beltran 5.5 - Beltran was not as solid as we are used to seeing him and he wasn't involved in the attack as much as normal either.

Luke Mulholland 4.5 - This was probably the most quiet game we have seen from Mulholland in a long time, possibly all season long. He did not get involved to the degree that we needed him to.

Kyle Beckerman 5.5 - Beckerman's body language was frustration and that manifested itself on the field and seemed to spread to the others.

Javier Morales 6 - Morales was playing pretty well and had a couple of very good chances to score but was unable to finish them. The miscues were abundant on the night, not just for Morales, but he is the conductor of the offense.

Juan Manuel Martinez 6 - Martinez created a couple of chances with his quality footwork but did not force the issue quite enough.

Joao Plata 5 - Plata had a great chance very early that went just wide. He kept pushing forward but more often than not was dispossessed in his efforts to create.

Sebastian Jaime 4.5 - Sebastian once again had a hard time putting his stamp on the game. He needs to figure out a way to get involved more.


Luis Silva - 4.5 Silva did not turn the game around by any means, but given that he has only seen spotty minutes since he has been with RSL, he did alright.

Justen Glad - 6 Glad battled with Fanendo Adi and came out on top for most of the bouts.

Olmes Garcia - 5 Garcia had a look or two that he could have done better with for sure, but he did bring speed and opened the game up a bit.