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Dell Loy Hansen: Borchers trade undid relationship with Lagerwey

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

In a Facebook post made today, it appears that Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen made a public statement about the trade of Nat Borchers at the end of 2014 and the effect that had on his working relationship with former general manager Garth Lagerwey.

The account is light on public history, but did have a photo of Hansen publicly dating back to 2012, and Salt Lake Tribune reporter Chris Kamrani confirmed it today.

"For the record I opposed to trade of Nat Borchers. That particular trade that Garth insisted on with the undoing of our relationship," Hansen apparently wrote on Facebook in a response to an RSL Soapbox post about the trade.

If true, it's a surprising statement to make publicly. Of course, Hansen is no stranger to controversy in his statements, having earlier this year been fined around $150,000 for making public statements about the collective bargaining agreement.

It's also the first real statement we've had about a relationship breakdown between the two, which has often been reported by national outlets with anonymous sources.