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Loss was a step back, Cassar says — but what's next for RSL?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

While Real Salt Lake coach Jeff Cassar is busy being harangued by some media types and supporters, he's left trying to motivate the team for what's almost a dead-rubber of a match against FC Dallas.

Of course, it's only a dead rubber for Real Salt Lake, which makes it not a dead rubber at all definitionally. Which, well, yeah. Oh well. It's not entirely meaningless, of course, and I wouldn't pretend it is. But whatever the case, RSL doesn't have a lot to play for on paper — which means players are left playing for positions next year, and that's an opportunity that shouldn't be ignored.

While we don't know yet what the team will look like in 2016 — and isn't it weird that we're writing that year, especially in October? — we do know that it's going to be different. We don't know if the coaching staff will stay the same, but this from Jeff Cassar seems to indicate we can expect change there, too.

We’ve tasted success. We’ve had success for so long. This was a step back, but sometimes a step back can also have you step forward in some areas, and there are areas need to improve, both on the field and off the field. We’re going to address those as soon as the season is over, and we’re going to look to get better in every area — both in the staff and on the team, and we’ll address those when the season’s over.

And before you sound the "blame game" klaxons, just relax a bit. He's not assigning blame, just saying that improvements have to be made. If they're not — well, that would be awfully unfortunate.

What is there to play for now? Well, there's at least something out there. Again, here's Cassar.

We didn’t have time to go and look at that game, to be honest with you. We only had two days to prepare for Dallas. It hasn’t digested, to be honest with you, for myself. But we have a chance to come out on Saturday and show what kind of character we have. We also have a huge game on Tuesday, and Sunday against Seattle.

We don't know what's going to happen next, and we don't know if Jeff Cassar will be around to see it. (In an employment sense, I mean.) Does he deserve to stay? That's not a decision I have to make, thankfully. It's harder than many make it out to be. (Hint: It better be about a lot more than press conferences.)

In the coming weeks, we'll talk more about what's next for Real Salt Lake. For now, it's FC Dallas.