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Why Jeff Cassar's press conferences shouldn't decide his fate

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

We're talking about postgame pressers. We just missed the playoffs, and y'all wanna talk about postgame pressers?!

This is my thought today. Well, one of many regarding recent comments from many RSL fans, myself included. Let me say that I understand your frustration, fellow RSL fan. We all feel it. We all wanted more this year. To expect anything less than silverware is doing yourself and your team a disservice, and we’ve fallen well short of that mark this year. There are fair arguments surrounding a plethora of potential reasons for that and you can pick your poison with which one you want to be angry about for the next couple of months if that makes you feel better. Injuries, formation change, tactical misunderstandings, youth, international call ups, stubbornness, bad locker room, bad player moves, the harvest moon, a prophesy in an ancient calendar, or someone being an idiot. Your call.

The thing I truly do not understand is how the focus has turned to Jeff Cassar’s postgame demeanor. As a measure of his leadership ability, postgame press conferences have nothing to do with the matter. As a deciding factor as to whether or not Jeff should continue on as the head coach of this club, it means nothing.

Why on earth would it?

Do you not remember how terrible Jason was in post-game interviews? Jason practically had to be dragged by RSL staff into the post-game pressers. When he was up there he looked like he would destroy anyone who even dared ask him a question. In all the post-game press conferences I went to during Jason’s time as coach I think he smiled — maybe — a handful of times. Jason was never satisfied. He always carried a chip on his shoulder, and it showed in almost everything he did.

That is not Jeff Cassar. What’s more, it shouldn’t have to be.

Spend a couple of minutes around Jeff and you will get to see just how much he cares about this squad, about this club, and about you as a fan. Yes, he cares about you. He’s incredibly optimistic, very positive, very friendly, and very competitive. In so many ways he was the ying to Jason’s yang at the club for all those years. He balanced the boys in the locker room with the pressure of the environment. A players coach.

Is that the worst thing in the world? Is it working? I leave that to you, and I’m sure there will be some fun arguments about it. My questions to you, sir or ma’am or other, is whether or not RSL has gotten better this year over the past 10 games? Take away all the superfluous arguments that are so popular in the KSL comments sections and on various fan boards around the internet and ask yourself if the play on the field has been better or worse since the summer. That is what we should be talking about. That should be the measure of Jeff’s leadership. That should be the measure of the future of this club.