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RSL lacks motivation against Dallas, loses

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Real Salt Lake faithful weren't quite as lively as usual in this game that had next to no meaning standings-wise, the pride that the RSL players showed lasted a good 45 minutes. There were a couple half chances now and again for the home team for a while, but RSL really started knocking on the door around the 31st minute. The opportunities were coming in a flurry from all angles: inside the box, outside the box, off of corners, you name it. Eith some shots, RSL could have and should have done better. With others, Dallas' defense bent but didn't break. The half played out in a 0-0 tie.

A strange run of events occurred in the 57th when David Texeira got away from Elias Vasquez and slotted the ball in the net on what was one of very few chances for FC Dallas on the night. As soon as he scored the goal, it started raining and many fans headed for the awnings. RSL's spirits seemed to go out the window and they were going through the motions on the field without much purpose or drive for the rest of the match. RSL lost their last home game of the 2015 MLS season 1-0.