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Player ratings: RSL 0-1 FC Dallas

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella - 5.5 There was not much pressure on Attinella on the night. He only had to deal with two shots on goal, and one got past him though it wasn't his fault.

Demar Phillips 5 - Phillips is not afraid to dig in and play physical. He used that physicality to get forward and ended up taking a couple of shots. Beyond that, not much was going on for Demar.

Elias Vasquez 4 - The one goal that Dallas got was enough to win the game, and it happened because Vasquez got beat, plain and simple. He is going to be a great player but if there is one thing we have consistently seen from him this season, it is that he does well generally but typically has one costly error per game.

Aaron Maund 6.5 - The Maundster, for me, was the best RSL player on the field with his defense and solid play. It will be interesting to see what RSL does with him in the offseason.

Tony Beltran 6 - Beltran was doing his best to will his team in this game of pride, but ultimately the mission failed. He was one of the bright spots on the field.

John Stertzer 4.5 - Stertzer led Real in fouls committed, so he definitely did not shy away from the battle. Unfortunatly, one or two of his fouls were out of frustration.

Kyle Beckerman 5.5 - Beckerman, much like Beltran, was doing what he could to push his team on. Beckerman actually took more shots than any of his teammates in this one, but a couple of them went way high.

Javier Morales 5 - Morales was a touch off for most of the night, particularly when he had some looks at goal.

Juan Manuel Martinez 5.5 - Martinez created some good looks but was unable to finish. He is good enough to where he should have had a couple.

Luis Silva 4.5 - Silva had one of the few shots on goal for RSL, but like the rest of the shots that RSL took, his left us wishing for more.

Devon Sandoval 4 - Sandoval was crafty in the box but ultimately his chances weren't as good as they looked in real time.


Jordan Allen - 4.5 Allen came on with one mission: to help RSL get a goal. He attempted taking players on but was dispossessed in many of his efforts.

Luis Gil - N/A

Olmes Garcia - N/A