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RSL vs. Municipal (CCL): Three reasons to watch tonight's match

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake is at the precipice, and a win against Municipal tonight — or a draw, but hey, we'd like the other one more — would give them a berth into the tournament's knockout rounds.

It would be their first berth there since 2011, when they nearly won the whole thing.

Even if you're fed up with the coach, the owner, or the fans, we think you should watch the game. But if you need compelling, we've got a few things to watch just to keep your attention.

1. Big-game players

Kyle Beckerman, Javier Morales, and Juan Manuel Martinez each played 90 minutes on Saturday, but that hasn't left them questionable for today's match. Worried that they'll be ready? Jeff Cassar isn't.

We don’t have a roster to throw out a completely different team, and we wanted to make sure we had the right attitude, the right product on the field for the home game. But they take care of their bodies well, they had (Sunday) off with regen. (Monday), it was just a little bit more than a regen, so I fully expect them to be 100 percent. — Jeff Cassar

2. Big-game feel

There's no impetus for Municipal to sit back and defend constantly (unless, of course, they score a goal.) As a result, Javier Morales is expecting an open game.

They’re not going to come here and sit back. Here, in our stadium, we like to play soccer. So they’re going to come here, and they have to attack, so it’s going to be an open field, and it’s going to be fun. — Javier Morales

3. Big-game tactics

Kyle Beckerman echoes a little bit of what Morales said, but there's also that bit of them trying to play tactically. If they're not streaming forward at every opportunity, RSL has a responsibility to put them on the back foot quickly to tilt the game in their favor.

Hopefully we can take advantage of them a little maybe pushing forward, but we’ll see what they do. Sometimes, they might come in, and say, "hey, we have 90 minutes," so let’s not just go in the beginning, so maybe they’ll be more cautious in the beginning, then at the end of the game, maybe start to come out. We’ll just have to see what happens and try and do our best, play the best we can, and hopefully that’ll bring us some goals. — Kyle Beckerman