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Player ratings: RSL 1-0 Municipal

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 7 - Rimando came through when we needed him the most on that free kick from Carlos Ruiz in the second half. That was not an easy save by any means, but Rimando does what Rimando does. 

Demar Phillips 7 - Phillips was great against Municiapal. He won balls, passed well, and was sharp on both sides of the ball. This was one of his best showings in a RSL uniform.

Jamison Olave 7- Olave pretty well kept Municipal from having very many good chances and had a textbook header goal to give RSL the win.

Aaron Maund 6.5 - Maund quietly put together another great performance and has shown for the second half of the season that he is a great defender in this league.

Tony Beltran 6.5 - Beltran's play was impressive and he did a great job shutting things down on his side of the field. Even more impressive was that he was able to keep his cool with Municipal trying to get in his head.

Luke Mulholland 5.5 - Mulholland wasn't as involved as he normally is, but he got gritty on defense and put in a ton of work to slow Municipal attackers down.

Kyle Beckerman 6 - The captain must have an infinite stamina source. That was his fourth game in about a week and a half and he looked as sharp and as energetic as ever.

Javier Morales 6.5 - Morales provided the corner kick assist for Olave to finish and was repeatedly fouled on the night but kept going and creating and combining.

Jordan Allen 6.5 - Allen did really well on the defensive side of the ball and in connecting with his teammates. He put pressure on Municipal for much of the night. The one area of work where he could have been better was in taking players on one on one.

Juan Manuel Martinez 6 - Martinez was combining with his teammates like crazy, but might have been a bit too selfless. He had chances to pull the trigger but tried to make one more pass just a couple times too many.

Devon Sandoval 5.5 - Sandoval had the ball in good areas but hesitated in his decision making or didn't make a move quick enough to make something happen. Not a bad game at all, but not his best either.


Sebastian Jaime - N/A

John Stertzer - N/A