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Beltran after 3-0 halftime in Seattle: "It's pathetic. We just didn't show up."

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake went into halftime down 3-0 in Seattle Sounders, and one Tony Beltran — interviewed at halftime — was visibly angry (a rare thing for him in interviews).

With little to play for in the match aside from pride, Beltran was quick to emphasize that the performance was unacceptable, even with no league standings up for grabs.

Watch below, or read the full quote underneath the embedded video.

"A number of things went wrong. We just didn't show up. It's pathetic, I don't care what the situation, what team we're playing against. It's not good enough in the first 20 minutes, and that's why the scoreline is the way it is. We've got to be better at everything, better with the ball, be more confident, we have to show up and play."