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Real Salt Lake capitulate to Seattle, lose 3-1

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake ended 2015 with a 3-1 capitulation in Seattle, handing the home side a playoff berth and ending the first playoff-free season for the team.

Clint Dempsey opened the scoring in the 5th minute for Seattle, getting on the end of a Marco Pappa cross with nary a challenge from a defender or goalkeeper Jeff Attinella.

Marco Pappa increased the scoreline only five minutes later with a shot from distance, and it took only another ten for Seattle to make it three, with Dempsey picking up a ball from an Obafemi Martins shot that Jeff Attinella did well to stop.

There was a first-half scare for Javier Morales, who, putting some good pressure on the Seattle backline, looked to get his foot caught in the turf, necessitating an injury delay.

With the result mostly sealed, Luis Gil — playing probably his best partial match for RSL (if we take the match as a separate entity after those first 20 minutes) — added a consolation with a neat finish from just around the penalty spot. Tony Beltran earned the assist with an excellent diagonal pass from just outside the box.

Real Salt Lake entered the match with a lineup best described as mix-and-match, with out-of-favor midfielder Luis Gil starting his first league match since August 8.