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Player ratings: Seattle 3:1 RSL

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella 4.5 - Attinella got off to a slow start and was not the active keeper we needed early on. He could have come out and snatched a couple balls out of the air but ended up letting them go to dangerous areas and goals were the result.

Abdoulie Mansally 3 - Mansally was arguably to blame for the first two Seattle goals. He gave up way to much space and was simply not good enough until the game was already out of hand.

Jamison Olave 4.5- On a normal day when the game means something, I would have loved to see Olave match up with Obafemi Martins. Unfortunately, we saw a very slow start from RSL and Olave let Martins roam as he pleased. Olave did get better as the game went on though.

Aaron Maund 3.5 - This was not the Aaron Maund we have been used to over the past 20-some-odd games. He looked disjointed way too often and two of Seattle's early goals had Maund in the picture.

Tony Beltran 6 - Beltran was one of the few RSL players that looked good from beginning to end. He took some knocks but kept getting back up and gutting it out and ended up getting the ole assist.

John Stertzer 4.5 - Stertzer was alright over the course of the game but once again let frustration set in and committed a few silly fouls.

Luis Gil 6.5 - How ironic is it that Gil may very well have been the best player on the field for RSL in their last game of the season? He had the lone goal and he was connecting well at times and tracking back on defense as needed.

Javier Morales 6 - Morales was working to create but did not have the finishers around him to capitalize on his creativity.

Juan Manuel Martinez 6 - Martinez, like Morales, was doing some positive things but unfortunately could not finish off his opportunities or runs as he would have liked to. For me, it looked like Martinez was trying to do too much on his own

Jordan Allen 5 - Allen was not at his best in Seattle. He had a couple good moments in the attack but gave away some cheap balls in the middle, one of which cost RSL an early dagger goal.

Devon Sandoval 4.5 - Sandoval did not have much going. In fairness, there was not much in the way of service coming his way.


Sebastian Jaime - 4 Another game with little to nothing to show for it. Jaime had a hot summer and then cooled off for the rest of the season.

Olmes Garcia - 5 Garcia had some energy that was desperately needed. The downside is that by the time he came on, the game was over.