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RSL succeed in a must-win in Colorado

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado took advantage of the first while of the game in which both teams were feeling each other out and looked to be the better team. Nick Rimando punched a dangerous ball out and Sean St. Ledger sent it back in finding Kevin Doyle who headed it perfectly past the Real Salt Lake keeper. It was one of those plays where there is not much more that could have been done. RSL got right back in and played with more urgency than they had over the first 15, perhaps out of necessity. RSL's quality started to show through when Juan Manuel Martinez drew a foul towards the top of the box and Joao Plata put it perfectly past the wall and evened the score in the 33rd minute. Salt Lake kept pressing and ten minutes later Luke Mulholland got in on the action off of a ball that one of the Colorado defenders got rid of like a hot potato and bent it like his fellow Englishman to give RSL a lead. He celebrated with almost a Beavis and Butthead cornholio celebration. The whistle blew and RSL was ahead by a goal.

The Rapids got off of their heels and back on their toes for about 20 after they got back on the field. The slug-fest began and Jeff Cassar brought in their best heavyweight for the bout in Devon Sandoval to even things up a bit. A great chance happened for Salt Lake in the 73rd minute with Sandoval trying to find Plata on the far side of the post but the ball was just out of his reach. With ten minutes left in the game there were plenty of scary moments for both teams with chances going each way. RSL showed a lot of patience in defending and in possession and the game ended with Nick Rimando being upended on a set piece. The full three points were awarded to Salt Lake and they live to see another day.