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Player ratings: Colorado 1:2 RSL

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 6.5 - Rimando did what he needed to do to win the game. Outside of the goal that got past him (which truly wasn't his fault) and a few errant passes, he was pretty good. The highlight was when he put his body on the line to secure the win at the very end.

Demar Phillips 6.5 - Phillips gave Colorado fits for most of the night. He worked extremely hard and did a nice job in possession as well.

Jamison Olave 7 - Olave was a force out there. He had a highlight reel tackle that very well could have prevented a goal and he cleared ball after ball in Colorado. Nice game.

Aaron Maund 7 - Maund stepped up once again and had a great night on the other side of the Rockies. There is little doubt in anyone's mind at this point as to whether or not he deserves to start in MLS.

Tony Beltran 6.5 - Beltran was good, but he wasn't at his best. There was some confusion in marking on the Colorado goal and Beltran was definitely in the mix. On the plus side, he got up and back all night long and helped propel the game.

Luke Mulholland 8 - Man of the match. Mulholland was digging in for the full 90 minutes and had a goal that made you jump out of your seat. He was just great.

Kyle Beckerman 7.5 - It's hard to argue that anyone worked harder on the night than Beckerman. He was the engine for the team when they most needed a win. Absolutely fantastic, gritty performance.

Javier Morales 6.5 - The rating is not a bad one, we are just used to performances in the "8" range from Morales. Make no mistake, it was a big deal to have him out there, but he didn't have the magic moments we are used to.

Juan Manuel Martinez 7.5 - Martinez created a lot on the night for RSL and one of those chances led to the game-tying goal. His possession game was on point and he was as much a part of this win as anyone.

Joao Plata 7.5 - Plata was balling out there. Of course his best moment was the free kick goal that was taken with precision and power. It was a much-deserved goal for a guy that has been robbed a few times over the past few games.

Sebastian Jaime 6 - Sebastian was visibly frustrated from not being able to get as many touches as he would have liked. He had a hard time getting involved, but was running after every ball.


Devon sandoval - 6.5 Sandoval was brought on to bang around and keep his run of form going. He had a pretty good night with the minutes he got and nearly had an assist.

Olmes Garcia - N/A Not enough minutes to matter, but he had a great look at the goal that he should have done better with.

Luis Silva - N/A