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Mulholland: "We live another day" after vital RSL win

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Earning results on the road has been a difficult task for Real Salt Lake this season, but you wouldn't know that after the team's win on Saturday against Colorado Rapids.

And while hard work, determination, and all those sorts of things like that played a role, RSL midfielder — and game-winning-goal-getter — Luke Mulholland was quick to accept that there was some luck involved.

"You just need a bit of luck as well on your side, and I think we got that tonight," he told reporters after the match.

Mulholland emphasized that the team was well aware of the importance of the match. "We knew it was do-or-die, and we live another day."

But it was more than just luck — Mulholland praised his teammates dedication to the cause.

"We had that commitment as well from the guys to throw their bodies on the line, and that's what they have to do sometimes," he said, according to an RSL Communications release.

Going ahead wasn't just a resting-on-laurels moment for Mulholland, who emphasized that they were looking to win by a bigger margin.

"We had a couple of chances to get a third goal which we would have liked, but instead we had a nervous ending," he said.

Quotes via RSL Communications