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Goal Breakdown: Luke Mulholland's brilliance breaks Colorado defense

Luke Mulholland scored a screamer against Colorado Rapids. We're breaking down just how that came to fruition.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Mulholland's goal on Sunday was a thing of true beauty: a curler from outside the box that swerved past a very good goalkeeper.

But how did we get from a corner to the back of the net? Let's break down each step of the process.

Here, this seems like a pretty routine short corner. Javier Morales and Burrito Martinez have planned this out, and it ends with Javier Morales in a good position to take a shorter cross.

On another note, remember how some Boca Juniors supporters talked about Burrito Martinez as somebody who was involved in a lot of goals with the team. We've seen that with RSL so far, and this was no exception. He wasn't a vital piece — we could see Joao Plata, for instance, in that role, or Sebastian Jaime — but there is a good understanding to his play with Morales here.

Here, we can see that Javier Morales's cross doesn't beat the defense, but by getting a bit closer, he's able to left something in rather than drive it in. That has the effect of forcing the defender to deal with it, but not as efficiently as Colorado would have liked. There's no thumping clearance here.

Additionally, we see that Luke Mulholland has moved into view here (hopefully the big arrow was helpful), and we can see how important that is. It's hard to see this as not being at least somewhat planned, because the Colorado defense has been compressed to a point where Mulholland has all the time and space he needs.

And we can't finish a discussion of the goal without talking about the curving quality of the shot. It takes a wicked swerve that catches Clint Irwin out — and only just. All this would be moot if the goalkeeper parried the ball to safety, so it's simply excellent that it didn't.

And hey, there's one more thing we didn't note. See Joao Plata out on the right side of the box, raising his arms trying to get some attention? He would have been a good option, too, but it wasn't necessary. And do you see Martinez making a run, too? Multiple options is always a good thing, and it helps spread out a defense.