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Rumors peg RSL as aiming for Boca Juniors defender Cata Diaz

Is Real Salt Lake chasing a 36-year-old Argentine defender? Rumors point that way, but we're not sold on it.

Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

A report from Argentina pegs Real Salt Lake as chasing Cata Díaz, a 36-year-old center back that last played at Boca Juniors.

The report seems to have come from Argentine's AM 1190, Radio America.

It's hard to say if Real Salt Lake is indeed interested in a 36-year old defender who has never played in MLS, and the rumor seems to be single-sourced.

Despite his age, though, Diaz played in 27 of the club's 30 games, missing two after receiving a red card in the third-to-last match of the season.

Other reports about Diaz see him with something in the range of two offers, but other reports have him extending his stay in Argentina.

As always, the truth is somewhere between all the rumors. So while this one might have legs, it very well could just be agent rumor-mongering linking two clubs that have kinda-sorta done business in recent history.

(Of course, don't forget that Burrito Martinez signed as a free agent, so maybe it's not all so clear-cut.)