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Rumor: Yura Movsisyan set for Spartak Moscow exit

Will Yura Movsisyan return to Real Salt Lake this offseason? We don't know, but this rumor from Russia may pave the way.

Photo by Epsilon/Getty Images

Rumors with some pertinence to Real Salt Lake are flying fast, and the big one from the last few days is that Yura Movsisyan is, according to Russian and Armenian outlets, on the trading block this winter.

Those sources report that Movsisyan is among several players on the outs with Spartak Moscow coach Dmitry Alenichev. Recently, Movsisyan was reported to be injured, but it's hard to say where one rumor starts and the other ends in that case.

While that doesn't mean that Movsisyan is coming to Real Salt Lake, or that he's even leaving Spartak — remember, similar rumors floated around during the summer, only for the player to remain in Russia — it does give us some reason to look optimistically on the offseason.

RSL was in contact with Movsisyan and his agent last summer, Craig Waibel confirmed in July, but with a coaching change at Spartak, the player decided to stay in Russia.

Movsisyan played with Real Salt Lake for three years and scored 15 goals during that time. Alvaro Saborio was brought in as a replacement after he left for Danish side Randers after the completion of the 2009 MLS Cup-winning season.