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Report: Cata Diaz staying with Boca Juniors, not joining RSL

Cata Diaz won't be joining Real Salt Lake after all, despite a rumor that started in Argentina.

Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Cata Diaz won't be coming to Salt Lake City anytime soon, with reports continuing to emerge over the weekend that he'll be signing a new contract with Boca Juniors.

Diaz was out of contract, and as with most out-of-contract players with reasonably good agents, rumors started swirling about where he'd end up. Salt Lake City was one of those places, perhaps because Burrito Martinez recently signed here.

Well, those rumors were short-lived — according to reports out of Argentina (which has sort of been our catchphrase since the initial Burrito Martinez links started coming around), Cata Diaz has re-signed with Boca Juniors.

And while that's not a sure thing — I haven't seen an official release from Boca confirming that — it sure seems to put a stopper on the rumors sending him here.

File this one under "D" for "Definitely not," because unless something radical changes, Real Salt Lake won't be signing a 36-year-old center back after all. We know you're terribly disappointed about this.