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Craig Waibel confirms RSL interest in Yura Movsisyan

Photo by Epsilon/Getty Images

Is Yura Movsisyan going to come back to Real Salt Lake? It's still far too early to say, but Craig Waibel confirmed today that Real Salt Lake is still interested in the out-of-favor Spartak Moscow player.

As one would expect, RSL general manager Waibel said that there are many moving pieces in arranging that sort of deal, from Movsisyan still being under contract with Spartak Moscow, to the player wanting to pursue a return to MLS as opposed to other opportunities.

Waibel said that there will at least be conversations about the matter.

"Conversations will inevitably ensue in one way, shape or form," he said. "He’s still on contract there. Spartak have to want to move him."

But while Waibel emphasized that the team is looking at central defenders and midfielders, he said the allure of a good forward is hard to pass up.

"I'm like everyone else," Waibel said. "I'll never turn down a great attacking player."

Of course, Movsisyan is hardly the only player that Waibel is interested in. He also said that he's reached verbal agreements and understandings with players, but wasn't drawn on who those were.

"There's a lot that goes into these things," he said. "We're always juggling four or five things at once."