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Jason Kreis fired by New York City FC

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kreis is out at New York City FC.

We don't normally report on the comings-and-goings of other teams, but Kreis holds a special place in our collective hearts. He took this team from the doldrums of MLS to the heights of it, then settled somewhere just below that.

Not bad, right?

Well, one unsuccessful season at NYCFC and he's straight out of there — as is his staff. But the real kicker is this press release, in which the reason for which he was canned is outlined.

New York City Football Club can confirm that they have parted company with Head Coach Jason Kreis. The announcement comes following a review conducted at the end of a disappointing campaign. The decision has also been made for Miles Joseph and CJ Brown to leave the Club.

Prior to the start of the season, it was agreed with the coaching team that securing of a playoff place was an appropriate target for this year. A win rate of less than one in three games and a points tally which was the second lowest in the league is clearly not in line with the targets that were agreed.

"Clearly not in line."

Amazing stuff we're witnessing here. While responsibility is often hoisted on to coaches, one does wonder if the playing personnel deserves some criticism.

Of course, when you're a storied veteran and formerly one of the world's best players, maybe you get a free pass sometimes, and maybe the coach doesn't. Who knows.