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Jamison Olave's three red cards in 2015

Jamison Olave saw three red cards in 2015, and in case you forgot what they were for, we're here to remind you.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

#1: vs. Vancouver Whitecaps, April 18

As far as red cards go, this one's the most innocuous of the three. Still, Olave is caught out by a fast striker (this becomes something you see later on), and there's nothing glamorous about that. He even seems to try some of those 'dark arts' of defense, but it does look like he catches Darren Mattocks, rather than the other way around. It's hard to be too upset about this one, especially with his other two being more severe and head-shaking.

#2: vs. LA Galaxy, May 27

Tactical red cards are one thing, but violent conduct ones are another. Olave just sort of loses his head a little bit here. The match was basically done and dusted by this point, but Olave excuses himself from the next match with an elbow on Robbie Keane, perhaps because he was channeling his inner RSL fan.

#3: vs. Portland Timbers, Oct. 14

This one's bad. Like, real bad. Jamison Olave is spread well out of position and gets beat by a quick player — 2010 Olave might have been able to get in front of him and clear the ball away, but this time, he's made to look plodding. It's unfortunate, really. One good ball is all it took to unravel Real Salt Lake, and it sort of did their entire season in.

Sure, we could talk about how the foul was maybe outside the box, but this was a justified red card.