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Nick Rimando snubbed for Goalkeeper of the Year award ... again

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

In what is arguably the biggest snub in MLS post-season awards since, well, last year, Nick Rimando didn't make the final three in voting for Goalkeeper of the Year.

Now, we'll be rational here for a second. He's undoubtedly the victim of Real Salt Lake's poor form through the year, but if we're looking for an actual reason he's been given the snub once again — he's never won the award — we'll be left wanting.

Sure, RSL has been poor, but Rimando has shown time and time again that he's at the very pinnacle of the league's goalkeepers. He's been consistently making heart-stopping saves in basically every game he plays, and his only fault this year? His defenders let him down repeatedly.

Seriously. That's the reason he's been snubbed this time — it's his defenders. But did you know that Rimando, this year, conceded one fewer goal than in 2014 in the same number of games?

Maybe one of the other marks against him is that he hasn't played a full season in a few years. Of course, that's a nonsensical mark, because he's been called into the national team at basically every opportunity (even if he doesn't play.)

So, yeah, alright. Rimando's not getting it this year. But what about the other candidates? Bill Hamid, David Ousted, and Luis Robles. Is it a coincidence that Ousted and Robles played 34 games and made the list? I don't know. Maybe.

I suppose that's all fair enough, but when basically everybody in the media yammers on about how it's shocking that Rimando hasn't won goalkeeper of the year through all of 2015, then he doesn't appear on the (voted upon!) shortlist — well, that's enough to make your blood boil.