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Burrito Martinez loan rumors far-fetched

Is Burrito Martinez set for a loan deal this offseason? Probably not.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Is Burrito Martinez set for a loan deal to Argentine club San Lorenzo?

That's the question being asked (and, in some cases, answered) in reports from Argentina, but don't expect RSL's still-new winger to be absent when the season starts in March.

According to RSL Communications, Martinez is expected for the start of RSL's training around January 20, but an offseason training stint hasn't been ruled out.

Whether that's the source of these rumors, or whether it's more about San Lorenzo's management agitating for a move, we're not really sure.

Some rumors even saw a loan fee for Martinez, something in the range of $300,000, and other rumors included a player to be exchanged as part of the loan.

As with all rumors, take them with a grain of salt. And with official word (as above) that Martinez is expected to return, those grains of salt should be pretty substantial. You know, for a salty post-Thanksgiving rumor soup or something.

What we could see, though, is Martinez on a very short-term loan or something, or perhaps just off training for a bit during the offseason. That's hardly unheard of.