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Monday Roundup: Baird, Stanford win College Cup; Schuler OK to leave

Trying to catch up on the latest from Real Salt Lake? We're rounding up the latest news.

Gary Rohman/MLS/USA TODAY Sports

5. RSL academy graduate wins College Cup

NCAA Soccer: College Cup-Championships Gary Rohman/MLS/USA TODAY Sports

Corey Baird, who isn't one of the names you're probably used to hearing from the Real Salt Lake academy, just won the biggest college sports trophy* of them all.

And while most people are busy talking about potential Seattle Sounders player Jordan Morris, Baird did his fair share of the work, too, You know, why don't you just watch the highlights? They're awfully short, I know.

Maybe — just maybe — he could ply his trade for Real Salt Lake someday.

* If we're talking about soccer — which we are. At least, I think it's the biggest...?

4. Waibel willing to let Schuler go in re-entry

MLS: Playoffs-Real Salt Lake at Los Angeles Galaxy Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Among other tidbits from Salt Lake Tribune reporter Chris Kamrani's interview with RSL GM Craig Waibel last week, we learned that an exit for Chris Schuler could be on the cards.

"He is happy in Salt Lake, but from my perspective, from my seat versus his seat, I have to watch out for the club and he has to watch out for him. His history in Salt Lake makes it difficult right now for us to come to the right financial agreements. If he gets selected, there will be no hard feelings harbored." — Waibel in the Salt Lake Tribune

While it wouldn't spell disaster for anyone involved — Schuler is a question mark, no doubt — it would be a shame to lose the center back only to see him get fit again. That's the tricky balance.

3. RSL in talks with a Colombian and an Argentine

Yes, it does look like it's 2008 all over again, and that means Waibel is out there looking for players — as is Jeff Cassar. The two have been out and about the globe, and Waibel told Kamrani (in that same article) that he's in negotiations.

"We've offered contracts to a couple of players that we're in negotiation with," Waibel said. "Hopefully we'll find a financial agreement with them." — again, in the Tribune.

2. Re-Entry Draft (stage one) takes place, nothing happens

As usual, the first stage of the 2015 Re-Entry Draft came and went with nary a peep from Real Salt Lake.

And before you jump on shouting about RSL needing players and all that — they do, of course — other teams with similar needs passed, too.

Why, you ask?

Well, the clearest answer is that if you select a player in stage one of the draft, you can't negotiate their contract. If their option was declined by their club, that option has to be taken. If they were out of contract, they get a raise.

That's why nobody selects players in the first round. The two exceptions this year? Max Urruti, who many considered to be underutilized (or mis-utilized) at Portland Timbers, and who still presents a great upside for FC Dallas. He's joined by Alec Kann, a third-choice goalkeeper from Chicago Fire, who made his way to Sporting Kansas City.

So when's the big action start? Watch for that on Thursday, when the draft hits the second stage. Of course, RSL might not make a move even then — between now and then, players will pull out of the draft, and it could be a surprisingly trimmed-down list.

1. Tigres wins Liga MX Apertura Final

Just read the report and try not to be too terrified ahead of February 24.


Of course, Tigres isn't invincible — Pumas put up an incredible fight and nearly won the whole thing. And if not for that French bloke (Gignac, my word), Pumas probably would've gone through without issue — instead, Tigres went through on penalties. Tragic.

Whatever you think about this result, let this excite you about 2016 and CONCACAF Champions League. It's basically the best thing ever.