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RSL passes in Re-Entry Draft, makes offer to keep Schuler

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

With the fifth pick in the 2015 Re-Entry Draft, Real Salt Lake ... passed.

And so did basically everyone else — it's business as usual in MLS, with somewhere around six to ten teams selecting players in the first round of second stage of the draft. This year that number dropped this year to four players selected overall.

Real Salt Lake's last foray into picking someone up in this particular draft was in December 2012, when they drafted full back Lovel Palmer.

The other news coming out of the Re-Entry Draft? Chris Schuler wasn't selected, which means he still has a chance to remain in Salt Lake City. Time will only tell there, with the oft-injured center back out of contract with Real Salt Lake.

In fact, the team has apparently made a bona fide offer to Schuler, although it's difficult to say what exactly that entails, aside from him pulling out of the draft.

The bigger question we should ask ourselves: What's the role of the Re-Entry Draft in MLS? With only four players selected in this stage, is there any import to it at all? There's a clear view here that free agency has more or less removed some desirable players worth taking risks on, so maybe we're just getting a glimpse into the future of the league.