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Official: Luis Gil signs with Queretaro, says Liga MX bigger than MLS

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

So, either news from earlier today has just become official — that Luis Gil has signed with Mexican outfit Queretaro — or somebody snapped photos of him coincidentally holding their kit.

Anyway, word has come down: Gil has signed a three-year contract with Queretaro.

And along the way, he's already started talking about MLS — in his first interview.

We'll start with the Spanish.

"Este es un nivel más grande que la @MLS. Para mi papá es un sueño que juegue aquí," he said, according to @PressPortMX.

That translates to something like this: "This is a higher level than MLS, and it's always been a dream of my dad's that I would play here." Additionally, he said, "It's always been a dream to come to this league and now I am here."

Take those comments as you will — but these aren't unusual comments to make when you're being introduced as a player. Get riled up if you must, but take all that anger with a few grains of salt.

So that ends that: Luis Gil is officially gone from Real Salt Lake. The next steps are where things will start to get interesting, especially with a very sizable paycheck removed from RSL's salary cap.

Translations provided by Jake Simons, Jason Greenwood.