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A Christmas list for Real Salt Lake's starting XI

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Merry Christmas, everyone. With the holiday season well and truly upon us, we thought we'd whip up what a list of what we think our starting-caliber players asked for.

Without further ado, then:

Nick Rimando asked for a little consistency from the defenders in front of him, especially with who plays week-in, week-out.

Tony Beltran asked for a new hair brush — and no, he didn't cut his locks with the intent of selling them to buy somebody else (Kyle Beckerman, maybe) a nice gift.

Jamison Olave just wants a little extra youth from his aging limbs, and perhaps a reliable partner for 2016.

The mystery center back signing just wants a name, like all of us.

Whoever plays at left back, whether that's Abdoulie Mansally or someone else, wants a race car — not one of those miniature sets, but a real, live, race car.

Kyle Beckerman wants a little understanding and happiness from the fans, given his penchant for reggae music and his laid-back attitude.

Luke Mulholland wants MLS playing on Boxing Day, I suspect, given it's a British tradition at this point.

Javier Morales just wants to help his fellow players achieve their goals — literally.

Burrito Martinez doesn't want much — he's probably more focused on just settling into life in the United States when he gets back from his vacation.

Sebastian Jaime probably needs more baby clothes and the like, given he's had three since joining the team — just over a year ago!

And finally, whoever plays up top in 2016 just wants a little luck in front of goal and some good opportunities given to them by their team.

We'll just close with this very nice note from Jordan Allen, whose perspective belies his years.