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Chris Schuler sole RSL player eligible for 2015 Re-Entry Draft

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Schuler is the only Real Salt Lake player who is currently eligible for the 2015 MLS Re-Entry Draft, which is the case because he's out of contract.

Despite his availability, Schuler may yet return to Real Salt Lake. Being available for the draft doesn't mean he will be forced to take part; players over the years have withdrawn their eligibility, often with the hopes of negotiating something with their current club.

We do know that Craig Waibel has spoken about a desire to re-sign the oft-injured Schuler, and in doing so, has described a hope that this most recent surgery has solved some issues.

However, there's always a degree of uncertainty there, and Schuler's out-of-contract status means there's not really anything made certain there at this point.

Whatever happens, be surprised if Schuler is taken in the first stage of the draft, where players have to be taken at an increase to their contracted pay. The unknowns around his fitness would likely make that unappealing for nearly every MLS team.

What's more likely is that either Schuler will stick around, taking less money in a new contract given his injury status, or he'll float around until the second stage of the draft, where teams have the ability to negotiate with players.