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Tuesday roundup: Unknowns reign with Fair Park, USL, CBA deal

Did you miss something? Forget to check the news every few hours? Have a particularly busy week? We'll walk you through everything that happened the week before, how everything fits together, and what to expect this week.

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With yesterday's holiday, we've pushed our Monday roundup to a Tuesday -- and while the name changes, the point's largely the same.

We'll start things today with some news out of the Utah State Legislature. The State Fair Park lease extension, which is necessary for the Real Monarchs stadium deal to come to fruition, is the subject of some debate in the legislature. We'll see what happens here, but things are looking a little more bleak than they were before the start of the legislative session.

We also learned that USL Pro is no more -- it's now USL, and they're seeking division 2 status from the USSF. We don't know how exactly that'll play out, so to this point, we've highlighted two pretty big unknowns.

And finally, more unknowns: We still don't know what will happen with the collective bargaining agreement. They've brought in a mediator, which either speaks well or badly to the confusion of the matter.

In more positive news, we can watch our first RSL preseason matches of the year from Wednesday forward, and the season is inching ever-closer (and by inching, I mean that it's roaring into view right now.)

The rest of the RSL world was a little slow as far news was concerned. With that in mind, here are some various highlights from RSL Soapbox in the last week.

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