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Roster update: Newcomers get numbers, prospects not yet official

Lucas Baldin, Real Salt Lake draft pick, played at USF
Lucas Baldin, Real Salt Lake draft pick, played at USF
Courtesy of USF

Another roster update landed on our doorsteps today, and as a result, we have a few updates on those players with the team in preseason that may or may not make the final roster.

We won't know much about the contract statuses of these players before the finalization of the collective bargaining agreement, which will almost certainly impact the methodology for players moving between MLS and USL Pro sides, as well as the salary structure in a significant way.

Let's go through position-by-position and break down what we're seeing.


There are no trialist goalkeepers in the squad at current; with Nick Rimando returning to the team after his international absence, there's not much need for another option in camp. Daylhan Hawes, a trialist who played for Lindsey Wilson College, is no longer on the roster.


Jordan Murrell (#25, left back and center back) and Elias Vasquez (#12, center back) are both still in the squad. Vasquez is reportedly awaiting paperwork, and Murrell is one of the question marks pending CBA completion. Murrell's flexibility probably makes a strong case for Real Monarchs inclusion, but it's difficult to say how that will play out at this point.


Lucas Baldin (#22, attacking midfielder) has seemingly been impressing in preseason, or at least he has been in the highlights we've seen. His play will be a particularly interesting feature of the Desert Diamond Cup, but he might find time hard to come by with Luis Gil returning to camp.

Fito Ovalle (#26, central midfielder) has continued with the club, which is encouraging for one of the most talented young midfielders to come out of the academy setup.

Ricardo Velasco (#20, attacking midfielder or forward) is an ex-academy player continuing, having most recently played with some success at Louisville. He's another Monarchs candidate.


Emery Welshman (#30, forward) is still going strong, too. He's almost definitely a Monarchs candidate, but in a three-forward system, having six on the roster wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.