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Desert Diamond Cup: RSL v. New England lineup predictor

Who starts in Wednesday's match pitting Real Salt Lake against New England in the Desert Diamond Cup? We've got our ideas, but we want to hear yours first.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With the Desert Diamond Cup kicking off on Wednesday, we're taking to the streets (the digital streets, I guess) to ask you one important question: Who will start for Real Salt Lake against New England Revolution?

Now, when we say that this is an important question, we should temper that. It's important in that we're curious about it, and everybody wants to talk about it. (Not really everybody, but give us a break, yeah?)

So with that in mind, we're asking you: Who would you start? Simply fill out the form and hit 'submit'. If you want to tell us more about your predicted lineup, well, you're welcome to do that. And after you submit, you can see everyone else's responses, too. (If that's not incentive to tick those boxes, I don't know what is.)

Some things to keep in mind with this lineup follow.

  • It's preseason. We can make a whole bunch of substitutes, and we probably will.
  • It's preseason. We'll be trying new things, probably.
  • It's preseason. We're not likely to play full strength.
  • It's — oh, you get the picture.
Catch the results in our team news report tomorrow. Or, you know, fill out the form. That works, too.