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Highlights from RSL technical director Craig Waibel's KUTV interview

Real Salt Lake's new television partner, KUTV, took some time out to talk to RSL technical director Craig Waibel about the 2015 season. It's a nice interview, and we have some highlights below.

On his perspective on RSL from the outside

"I've been spectating for a long time from outside, playing against all the way back to Rice Eccles. If you go back to the building phase of the diamond, as a player playing against it, you watch it get more dangerous and overpower us when I wasn't here."

On what to expect in 2015

"I think we'll see some difference in formation. I think we'll continue to employ the diamond, but I also think we'll develop a few more options that our fanbase will appreciate and will continue to make us attacking, but it will also facilitate the personnel we have on the roster."

On the future of the squad

"I think we're going to have guys that in a year that will be high-impact players that, this year, will be role players. In two years, we're going to have young guys that are starters that right now are role players."

On a big-name designated player

"I think Dell Loy's committed. You've got to find the right guy that, in our locker room, has the humility to fit in. Our locker room is humble, and our locker room is honest, and our locker room is united. You can't just bring in a guy on talent alone and expect everyone to be on board with it. (...) He's got to fit what we do."

Waibel also talks about the Joao Plata injury, competition priorities, RSL's lack of titles since 2009, and more.