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Monday roundup: Plata repercussions, Fairpark continues, CBA disputes and more

Did you miss something? Forget to check the news every few hours? Have a particularly busy week? Every Monday, we'll walk you through everything that happened the week before, how everything fits together, and what to expect in the coming week.

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We should kick things off with the most impactful happenings of 2015: Joao Plata's fractured foot that will see him miss three to four months. That puts him with a hopeful April return to the team. We're not particularly happy to hear that, but we're at least thinking about what the team will look like without him.

In line with that, we've spelled out four players that could get chances with Joao Plata out of consideration. One player that was getting a big chance regardless, though, is Sebastian Jaime, and his role just got amplified.

In more domestic news, the Utah State Fairpark Board agreed a deal with Dell Loy Hansen and Real Salt Lake for the construction of an $18 million stadium for Real Monarchs. That is, of course, pending legislative action to renew the lease of the park, and with the Utah State Legislature in action, we should see a bill requesting that in the coming days.

In MLS news, the Collective Bargaining Agreement expired and talk is heating up. We've talked about what we know about the disputes and what we don't know. There's a lot that we can't know until more happens, though.

Internationally, the United States lost 3-2 to Chile, handing Nick Rimando his first-ever loss with the national team. Rude much?

In happier news, Real Monarchs' first three games have been announced, and their first player, Coco Navarro, looks to have agreed a deal — or at least it's the first we have any news about. We're a fan of Coco.

Finally, MLS Live — our favorite MLS streaming service (and indeed, the only one for 2015) is returning, which comes as a surprise. After all, ESPN was supposed to be the service, we thought. We'll see how this one plays out.