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How to watch Real Salt Lake, FC Tucson in Desert Diamond Cup

Real Salt Lake and FC Tucson face off in the second matchday of the Desert Diamond Cup. We've got the live stream here, as well as anything you need to know in the run-up.

Real Salt Lake v. FC Tucson

Feb. 21, 6pm | YouTube

Predicted lineup

Responses from the lot of you were understandably divided, so we've just taken the eleven most-often selected players and we'll just give you that. We'll tell you how many people selected each, too. Oh — and you picked a 4-3-3 as the likely starting lineup, and we think you're probably right about that.

Raw predictions (2-4-4): Attinella (48%); Okwuonu (48%), Mansally (46%); Beckerman (46%) Allen (57%), Gil (59%), Morales (46%); Garcia (52%), Sandoval (48%), Jaime (50%), Saborio (46%)

So ... to say raw poll numbers can be confusing shouldn't be too controversial. Let's look at a more measured — the top-selected candidates for each band of play in a 4-3-3.

4-3-3: Attinella (48%); Okwuonu (48%), Vasquez (46%), Olave (43%), Mansally (46%); Beckerman (46%), Gil (59%), Morales (46%); Allen (57%), Garcia (52%), Jaime (50%)

Pre-match coverage