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RSL v. Sporting Kansas City (DDC): You predict the lineup

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Think you can predict the lineup? Well, if you thought you could last weekend, it turns out, that you can — but only if you're one of the nine people who got the lineup precisely on in our response form.

We're not trying to shame you, but we just wanted everyone to know.

Anyway, let's try that again. Get it right, and you'll get — well, you'll get nothing except satisfaction, because we're very pointedly not collecting your personal data. Get it wrong, and you'll probably have already forgotten about it by the time we start chastising people. (It's what we do, you know.)

Some team news to consider:

  • John Stertzer has an injured (potentially fractured (!)) toe, and Jeff Cassar estimates his absence at four weeks.
  • Demar Phillips is still out after a hamstring injury.
  • There's every indication that these matches won't be home to such stark changes as the last two Desert Diamond Cup matches. The season's getting close.