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Hansen: Fair Park not "a viable option" for Real Monarchs stadium

Matt Montgomery

Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen is back on the hunt for a home for Real Monarchs, announcing today that the Utah State Fair Park site is no longer a "viable option."

Citing "timing and process" in a press release Hansen is almost certainly referring to the legislative hangups that have marked the stadium construction process.

"Roger has been tireless in driving this project's vision and Mike has pushed for decisions to take the Fairpark into a new era," Hansen said in a club-issued press release. "Unfortunately, the timing and process involved with this project no longer make the venue a viable option for the business plans regarding the Monarchs and ancillary properties."

Having previously given a March deadline for what he called a "gift" to the state, Hansen's withdrawal of interest might be an indicator of continued and irrevocable legislative pushback.

For a stadium to be constructed at the Fair Park site, the Utah State Legislature had to approve a lease extension for the site, which is accounted for in state law. However, questions about the long-term viability of the Utah State Fair Park and the fair itself have made the process a difficult one.