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Player ratings: Real Salt Lake stands out in first 60 of 2-1 win over Sporting KC

Real Salt Lake defeated Sporting Kansas City in an exciting, back-and-forth match, with a young squad coping well with immense pressure in the second half.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella - 8 Spectacular save after spectacular save in the second half gives Attinella high marks. He was outstanding in helping to keep Sporting Kansas City at bay.

Boyd Okwuonu - 6.5 Okwuonu's experience at left back now sits at just under two matches, and considering that fact, he did well in his play. It clearly wasn't the most natural of spots for him, but he coped without too much issue.

Elias Vasquez - 6 Aside from going down with a cramp near the end of the match, nothing really stood out about Vasquez against Kansas City.

Aaron Maund - 6 An improved performance from Maund to be sure, but like Vasquez, there wasn't much notable about his game.

Jordan Allen - 7.5 It was probably his first 90-minute appearance in who-knows how long, and he took advantage of it. Playing at right back then at left wing, Allen made some good defensive challenges and pushed well in the attack.

Fito Ovalle - 8 The 18-year-old might have had a few poor moments, but the frequency of Ovalle's involvement gives him a strong score — but only because, barring a bad tackle and a misplaced pass or two, he was at the heart of everything the midfield did well.

Lucas Baldin - 7.5 Playing a bit deeper in the midfield, Baldin's skills weren't defensive necessarily, but more focused on smart passing, good vision, and a propensity for keeping the ball. An excellent game for the kid.

Luke Mulholland - 7.5 Mulholland at the top of the midfield is an interesting idea, and we saw what it can bring — high pressure, movement, and intensity. He's fitting that system more every match, but there's a significant learning curve involved, and it's visible.

Sebastian Saucedo - 6 A few exciting moments for Saucedo lit him up a bit, but they were few infrequent. Plenty of defensive work, too.

Devon Sandoval - 8 A fantastic chip of the goalkeeper, a workman-like game, and all the commitment you could ask for. This was not the Sandoval that couldn't earn minutes at the end of last season. Four goals in four games speaks very well.

Emery Welshman - 8 His goal was tremendously well taken with a curling shot to the far post, and his general play was involved and exciting.


Ricardo Velazco - 6 The most noteworthy thing to come from Velazco was a near-fight, although he did have one or two nice moments in attack.

Phanuel Kavita - 6.5 Kavita did as well as you'd hope being thrust in at right back when the going was tough, especially given his very new professional career.

Dom Papa - N/A An FC Tucson player on RSL's bench, Papa came on late and didn't do too much wrong.

Delonte Dubose - N/A The FC Tucson player saw a few minutes and broke up play once.