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Predict the Lineup: Real Salt Lake v. Colorado Rapids, Desert Diamond Cup final

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake faces Colorado Rapids on Saturday, and we want you to predict the lineup. Or, you know, try. After last time, I'm a little doubtful it will happen. None of you got the lineup right. Zero. (Not even me, to be fair.)

We're probably going to see that first-choice lineup against Colorado Rapids, right? So we suspect a fair number of you will get it right this time.

This week, we've added a new question, asking you for your Twitter handle. This is clearly so we can spam you ... tell the world that you got the lineup right (if you do.) We promise we won't make fun of you if you get it wrong. Or maybe we will. Who knows, right?

Some notes to keep in mind:

  • John Stertzer (broken toe), Demar Phillips (hamstring?) and Joao Plata (broken foot, sigh) are all injured.
  • Pecka might be fit. Does that give him a chance to come off the bench, or might he make a starting lineup this time?