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Dell Loy Hansen fined around $150k for free agency, CBA comments

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen has been fined by Major League Soccer for his comments about free agency and the collective bargaining agreement, according to a league press release.

As reported on RSL Soapbox yesterday, Hansen's comments on Real Salt Lake-owned radio outlet ESPN 700 described discussions on free agency as "go-nowhere" and "waste-of-time" conversations.

In a previous interview on that same radio station, Hansen has previously noted that he would be fined $250,000 for saying much of anything about the collective bargaining agreement. However, ESPN columnist Jeff Carlisle reported that the fine was $150,000, the largest "by far" in MLS history.

In the league press release, commissioner Don Garber described the comments at "not appropriate nor helpful."

"The comments made by Mr. Hansen are not permitted under the League's Constitution," Garber said. "We are engaged in constructive negotiations with our players and such comments are not appropriate nor helpful to the negotiations."