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Breaking down RSL's Irvine roster: Vasquez gets #12, draft picks all continue

Lucas Baldin, RSL's fourth round draft pick
Lucas Baldin, RSL's fourth round draft pick
Courtesy of USF

Elias Vasquez gets the no. 12 shirt, although Real Salt Lake hasn't confirmed his signing — just that he's with the team. His signing is expected, and he apparently had some sort of leaving ceremony. He seems loved by those around him, and that just gladdens our shriveled little hearts here at RSL Soapbox.

Boyd Okwuonu, no. 6, and Phanuel Kavita, no. 3, get nice high-flying numbers, and good for them. We'll see if they deserve those numbers later, especially with Okwuonu getting Borchers' shirt. (I mean, not literally his shirt, but his number. Oh, you get it.)

Pecka got no. 16, while Demar Phillips has no. 17. It's funny, because I'd imagine both will be playing with a bit more frequency than both Okwuonu and Kavita barring injury. But funny is it all is, because reading much into these numbers is a bit silly.

Lucas Baldin gets the no. 22 shirt, and while we're not sure if he's signed with the club or not, getting a number is usually a good start. We'll see what happens here, and we've sought confirmation on his status.

A slew of players didn't get numbers, but they're worth discussing anyway.

Jordan Murrell, our third-round draft pick, didn't get a number, and maybe that's because he got to preseason a bit late and simply didn't go through the process. Emery Welshman, a striker who played (one game) with Toronto FC in 2013 and recently scored for Guyana, joins the club on trial. Daylan Hawes, a goalkeeper from Lindsey College, has been invited to continue after being a guest player at Casa Grande, and while part of that is down to not having many goalkeepers around right now, it's got to be nice for him.

Ricardo Velazco, a striker from Louisville and a graduate of the RSL-AZ academy, is with the team in Irvine, and I'd be surprised if he doesn't sign for Real Monarchs. Fito Ovalle is continuing as well, and he's one player I suspect we should really very seriously look at signing — and one player I suspect we are.

Neith David Abidor and Luke Mishu are on the roster, which indicates that they're not being considered at this time. We'll see if they turn back up again as Real Monarchs really get moving, or if they turn up at other MLS-level clubs.