Luke Mulholland on the penalty question: "In my book, no."


Was it a penalty? In my book, no. Tony slipped me in, and I took a touch inside of the box; chopped it inside. Defender caught me with his stray leg on my shin and knocked me off balance. Then I just tried to regain the ball again. Then I thought we won a corner, but then the referee gave us a penalty, so I'll take that. Philadelphia is going to feel it hard, I hope they know that I didn't take a dive. I got the bruise on my shin to show it, but sometimes luck goes your way and sometimes it doesn't. I definitely think it was fortunate to get the penalty. The referee has got a hard decision to make there, because the defender has knocked me off balance, but stopping a goal scoring opportunity I don't think so.

Luke Mulholland via RSL Communications

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