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Nonsensical early season bye week sees Toronto, RSL both without match this weekend

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

We don't have a match this weekend. You probably know this, and you're not particularly excited about it. We don't play again until March 29, when we take on Toronto FC.

You know who Toronto FC plays this weekend?


Yeah, they don't. And you know what also happens that weekend? An international window. Hooray! Call-ups galore. Let's think about who we might not see in that game as a result — and these are potential call-ups, not actual call-ups:

USA: Jozy Altidore, Kyle Beckerman, Michael Bradley, Luis Gil, Nick Rimando

Costa Rica: Alvaro Saborio

Guatemala: Elias Vasquez

Italy: Sebastian Giovinco

Outside of Elias Vasquez, all of those players are projected (and almost certain) starters. That's seven players who could be missing for an interesting early-season clash between two talked-about teams. And they might be missing, because MLS is playing on a bye week. And why?

Well, maybe it's for television purposes. Maybe it's for some other reason. Regardless, both teams have been left with a bye week, and there's not really any good, obvious reason for it.

I mean, I guess it's just the nature of MLS, but we're allowed to be a little miffed about this one, right?