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RSL's pass accuracy and length, charted: Who's outperforming the average?

Looking for RSL stats? We've got what you're looking for. Today, we're looking at passing accuracy and length across the team in our first two games.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to draw too many conclusions from this sort of data, but it does give us a good baseline. Over 180 minutes played, let's first take a look at passing accuracy and length, and let's see how we're faring. Words after the graphic, folks.

Passing accuracy and length

You'll note that our passing generally is quite good — Olmes Garcia and Jamison Olave provide particularly surprising views to this. Olave's accuracy is the highest on the team to have started a match, which is quite good for him. Color me a little surprised.

You'll also note lower percentages for Tony Beltran and Sebastian Jaime. This might go some way toward explaining the troubles both of them have had finding connection. We can't draw anything from the very limited data, but it does provide a frame of reference. Are those two finding lower passing accuracies because they haven't found the right connective properties?

If you can't find Luis Gil, it's because he's overlapping with Demar Phillips. Interesting? Perhaps. They're both right around the line of best fit.

Alvaro Saborio's is typically low, and this chart is no exception. He's making tighter, shorter passes in the attacking third, where passing percentages are typically lower.

You'll also note Luke Mulholland's low passing accuracy. What's that down to? Is it simply a matter of the match states when he's coming in, and the fact that he's playing centrally?

Most interesting to note will be where these numbers end up over the season.

Stats, via Squawka, are accurate as of the RSL-Philadelphia match on Sat., March 14.