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RSL players' international schedules, TV details

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

With six players out on international duty between Real Salt Lake and Real Monarchs, you'll probably be wondering how to watch these friendlies everyone's involved in.

While only two of the matches involved are scheduled to be broadcast in the U.S., we'll try to keep you updated if other matches become available. But for now, we'll get to at least watch Nick Rimando and do our best to find spotty, awful streams of the other matches. You know, for research.

Without further ado, the big list.

Nick Rimando, USMNT

Wednesday, March 25, 1pm MDT (ESPN2): Denmark

Tuesday, March 31, 10am MDT (FS1): Switzerland

Elias Vasquez, Guatemala

Friday, March 27, 2:30pm MDT: Canada (Ft. Lauderdale)

Tuesday, March 31, 10pm MDT: El Salvador (StubHub)

Alvaro Saborio, Costa Rica

Thursday, March 26, 8pm MDT: Costa Rica v. Paraguay

Tuesday, March 31, 7pm MDT: Panama

Boyd Okwuonu, Luis Gil; US U-23s

Friday, March 27, 9am MDT: BiH

Tuesday, March 31, 12pm MDT: Denmark

Emery Welshman, Guyana

Sunday, March 29: Grenada