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Pavilion coming to Rio Tinto Stadium

A pavilion for fans is coming to Rio Tinto Stadium. Get ready for its grand opening on May 1st.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake made a quiet announcement on Twitter that a pavilion will be opening up on the east side of Rio Tinto Stadium on May 1st. of this year. We are not sure exactly what this could look like, but a quick search for "soccer pavilion" on Google Images gets the excitement levels up.

It might be a bit difficult to conceptualize, but this is big news for the fans. Consider what the New York Red Bulls supporters have in this video.

If this pavilion serves as a home base or a gathering spot for supporters, this could be a catalyst for more unity among fans as well as viewing parties outside the stadium for playoff games or other high demand games that are sold out. There are a lot of possibilities here. More details are forthcoming.