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Rimando, USMNT concede three to Bendtner-led Denmark (w/ goal video)

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

After a number of defensive mixups and mishaps, Nick Rimando and the United States fell 3-2 to Denmark.

Conceded in the 33rd minute following the cutting up of the American defense that led to a simple Nicklas Bendtner tap-in directly in front of Rimando. It's hard to fault Rimando too much for that one, given Bendtner was left unmarked on a relatively simple run of play to handle.

Rimando conceded again when Bendtner was left unmarked in the box again, with three players gravitating to a high, looping cross.

Bendtner scored his third in stoppage time when he made a simple splitting run through the defense, then fired home a game-winning volley to finish his hat trick.

Most frustratingly, Rimando wasn't at fault for any of the three goals, with each coming through miscommunication in either the defense or the midfield.

The opener for the United States came when Jozy Altidore scored a goal on the counter, somewhat miraculously receiving the ball past two defenders before firing expertly past the Danish goalkeeper.

The second goal came after an excellent run and pass from Altidore in to forward Aron Johannson, who finished simply and positively.