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Beckerman, Plata make RSL's designated player list; Saborio, Morales exit

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake's designated players got a new look with a new league release this week, with Kyle Beckerman and Joao Plata making that list.

Exiting the list are Alvaro Saborio and Javier Morales, both of whom were on the list last year, owing to salaries that peaked slightly above MLS's cap limit for so-designated players.

Beckerman and Plata both signed new contracts during the MLS offseason, with Beckerman signing for three years and Plata signing for five. Plata enters the list as a "Young Designated Player," which is — or at least was — a salary cap designation for players below 23 years old and above a certain salary (in 2014, it was $200,000).

It's difficult to say what salary level this move puts the two, with only 2014 salary numbers and roster rules available at this point.

Beckerman's salary may in part be down to his strong 2014 World Cup performance, playing in three games and impressing before being unceremoniously and, in our opinion, needlessly dropped.

Plata's salary comes after two strong years for Real Salt Lake and a pointedly upward trajectory.