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Three things to watch as RSL takes on Toronto FC

Real Salt Lake takes on Toronto FC on Sunday, and we've pinpointed three things you should be keeping your eyes on.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

For once, we don't want Findley to score

It's a weird feeling: After spending two years hoping that Robbie Findley would find any goalscoring form, we're hoping he doesn't. This isn't to say that we hold any ill will toward the striker, but clearly, we'd be better off if he didn't end up with a goal against us.

The question becomes how we stop him — or maybe that Giovinco fellow — from getting chances. If we stop their chances, we stop their scoring, right? It's not just about the midfield, but it's partly that — will a more reserved Luke Mulholland be an effective tool alongside Kyle Beckerman? Can Jamison Olave crush Giovinco like a puny little bug? Probably. Let's hope for that.

Scoring past a makeshift defense

As we look to create chances, we'll know that we're playing against a defense that's perhaps not "full strength" or anywhere close to it. With that in mind, will there be more chances to work through them, or will they be playing in a more compact, reserved shape to keep the defense from too many vulnerable positions?

The big question: Will Sebastian Jaime finally get that goal? We hope so.

Does Devon Sandoval get the start?

After a difficult 2014 campaign, Devon Sandoval never really found his feet. Will he be able to this year? It's obviously way too early to say, but if his preseason is anything to go by, then the answer is an unabashed and fairly loud shout: "Probably!" we're saying.

We do expect he'll start against Toronto in place of the internationally absent Alvaro Saborio. Let's hope for a goal from him, too — but more importantly, some calm, involved hold-up play.